Another view from Russia

This 23 year-old wrote me in English. She was brave enough to protest and got arrested. The consequences for protesting are severe, as her letter

A letter from a 20 year-old in Russia

Yesterday, I received a heartbreaking letter from a 20 year-old in Russia. We all understand that Russia’s war is destroying the lives of Ukrainians, but

Statement of the Moscow State University

On March 2nd, the Moscow State University issued the following statement (English translation by Ivan Korolev was lightly edited by me; original Russian is here):

A view from a Russian-American

My publication of this email from a Russian academic explaining why there aren’t mass protests in Russia against the war in Ukraine has been amazingly

A view from Russian academia

Along with several other Russian-speaking academics outside of Russia, I have been emailing thousands (yes, thousands!) academics in Russia urging them to take action to

How to control a population

Today, I want to tell you about how Putin’s government controls the Russian people. I don’t think I appreciated the true extent of it myself

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