A petition by academics in Ukraine

Together with over 50 others, I have been reaching out to academics in Ukraine offering support and assistance. A part of the letter offered to

Another letter from Russia

I received another letter from Russia recently. A good friend of mine translated it with the help of DeepL translate, and I made some small

Russian propaganda for children

This morning, a friend sent me a Russian cartoon aimed at explaining the conflict in Ukraine to children in Russia. The opening caption reads: “Show

A message from Ukraine

The post below is by one of the most amazing people I know, a family friend in Ukraine I have known since childhood. She has

Another view from Russia

This 23 year-old wrote me in English. She was brave enough to protest and got arrested. The consequences for protesting are severe, as her letter

A letter from a 20 year-old in Russia

Yesterday, I received a heartbreaking letter from a 20 year-old in Russia. We all understand that Russia’s war is destroying the lives of Ukrainians, but

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