Most of us have probably made a New Year’s resolution at least once in our life. And for most of us, the change didn’t last long. Did you know that 80% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February?

Sadly, so it can be with activism. We want to help, but many of us have busy lives, careers, kids, and routines. Next thing you know, it’s day 44 of the Russian invasion and we’ve hardly scratched the surface of what we intended to do.

So today, I call on you to use the SMART system to set a goal for helping Ukraine. It should be Specific (what exactly will you do?); Measurable (how will you know when you have done it?); Achievable (what kind of actions do you have an advantage in?); Relevant (obviously); and Time-bound (when will you have done this by?).

Take a look at the list of ways to help Ukraine I’ve compiled over the past few weeks and think about what could plausibly fit into your life right now (make sure you check out the full posts to see the specific suggestions). Then make a plan for how you will achieve that goal. If you want a commitment device, email me and tell me what you’re going to do over the next week (or you can specify a different timeline). I will follow up with you to check that you’ve done it! (I’ll be nice about it, I promise)

Thank you for helping Ukraine!

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