Have you been to an event supporting Ukraine yet? Please consider it! Going to a rally or benefit event not only helps show your solidarity with Ukraine and raise funds but also creates a space where like-minded people can inform and inspire each other. The information below can help you find an event near you.

If you’re in the DC or NYC area, Razom for Ukraine regularly announces many such events (including benefit concerts). You can follow Razom on Facebook or sign up for their email newsletter (scroll down a bit to see the sign up box). If you’re in Toulouse, check out Ukraine Libre – Toulouse on Facebook or Twitter.

Other events in your area may be posted on Facebook or other social media. There are Facebook groups working to help Ukraine in many major cities. To find yours, search for “Ukraine” + your city name in Facebook’s search box and click on “Groups” on the right-hand side to find matching groups. Follow them to know when the next event is. For example, here is Boston’s and here is Chicago’s. You may also see some other Ukrainian-themed groups that you’ll want to join. For other ways to find events near you, check out StopPutin.net.

If you can’t find a relevant social media group, take some time to research how local events are announced in your city. Does your local newspaper have an events page? Does a relevant website come up when you search “local events” + your city name on Google? Bookmark these or sign up for their email to be notified when an event is happening.

If you still can’t find an event in your city, consider organizing one. StopPutin.net has great instructions for how to do so, including poster templates!

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