We Ukrainians thank people worldwide for their support. This is very important for us, and we appreciate it in these difficult times. The history of the world is cyclical, less than a hundred years have passed since Hitler, and the Nazis committed genocide in Europe. On February 24, peaceful Ukraine was attacked by the Putin regime in order to destroy Ukraine and its people. We all understand that the next victims will be other Eastern and Central European nations. Thousands of Ukrainians give their lives for the future of the civilized world every day in heroic fights. Russian aggressor cannot defeat our heroes in a fair battle, which leads to unjustified bombings and shootings of civilians using prohibited weapons. They are also trying to starve and thirst the whole cities. Russia has already committed many crimes against humanity in recent days and we need to stop it.

Our main request to the world community is to help stop the bombing of peaceful cities, which can be achieved by closing the skies over Ukraine or at least providing Ukraine with air defence systems and aircrafts. Russia’s complete economic, social and cultural isolation is also critical. Due to propaganda, most Russians support the war and the killing of Ukrainians. And only changes in their everyday life can help them understand that they are doing something wrong.

We will fight to the end, we are on our God-given land, and the truth is with us so we will win anyway.

Your proactive stance can help save millions of lives and prevent the spread of war to other European countries. Act now!

With faith in a bright peaceful future,

Myroslav Bozhenko

neurologist, ass. Prof., Head of Young Scientist’s Council

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.

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