I am starting a series of posts with actionable things YOU can do to help Ukraine. Of course, we all know about donating, and I will remind you about these opportunities, but my focus will be on other actions. Today’s call to action is to join Razom for Ukraine’s #PlanesForUkraine Twitter Storm. The storm starts today, March 14, at 10am Eastern Time and will happen every day at 10am ET this week. You can find details & instructions here.

You will probably see a lot of similar calls to action: spread the word about this or Tweet about that. It may seem trivial, like we should be able to do something more “tangible.” But Ukraine needs help from other governments; action & donations by individuals and companies are important but they are not sufficient to counteract Russia. The decisions of governments hinge on many things, an important one being what their citizens think. The louder we advocate for more aid to Ukraine, the more our leaders will do to help. And if we can get others around us to advocate too, our voices multiply.

Part of an effective strategy in the war on Ukraine must be keeping the war in the minds of other people. Just like starting a new diet or a new hobby, it’s relatively easy to give it our all at first. But then the novelty fades away, the mundane sets in, and we reduce our efforts until we’re doing nothing at all. Don’t get me wrong – dropping everything you’re doing to help Ukraine is neither sustainable in the longer run nor necessary. Persistent, sustained, focused but part-time efforts can take us far, especially if we encourage others around us to do the same.

So make talking to others about how to help Ukraine part of your everyday strategy, whether it’s in person, by email, on Zoom, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever the kids are using these days. Tell others what you’re doing and what you see other people doing to set an example and inspire them. Together, we are stronger than Putin’s regime.

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