Today’s call to action is to write an op-ed about Ukraine.

Maybe you have written op-eds before. Maybe you haven’t. But you probably have something to say against the war in Ukraine Now is the time to wield your pen and share your perspective.

Perhaps you are angered by the senseless war. Perhaps you are frustrated with the misinformation surrounding the war. Perhaps you are saddened by the damage and destruction. Perhaps you or your relatives have been personally affected. Or perhaps you have studied war in some form in your own research. Whatever the emotion or the reason, you can use it now to write an op-ed that others can read to be a bit better informed, to see your point of view, and above all, to feel united with the Ukrainians who most need us.

If you are interested in writing an op-ed, here are some starting points that may be useful:

  1. Who should write an op-ed: Anyone can write an op-ed based on expertise. It can be based on a personal story or a nuanced commentary. You also don’t have to write alone. You can write it with a colleague or friend. Want to write with someone else but don’t know who? We can coordinate teams and pair up people interested in the same topics – just send us an email.
  2. What to write about: Think about a theme related to Ukraine that you personally care about and have the expertise in. A few of the topics could be:
    1. Why is it important that Ukraine win this war?
    2. How can we fight misinformation?
    3. How do repressive regimes end?
    4. How can we make sanctions more effective?
    5. What can we do to buffer the effect of sanctions outside of Russia (e.g., increases in oil prices and commodities, opportunities for displaced Ukrainians, etc.)
    6. How can businesses help end the war?
    7. How can we better understand and contextualize the war, and the international response to it? If you have studied history or politics, for example, what lessons can we learn and apply from the past to help end this war?
    8. What else should we be doing to help refugees?
  3. How to write an op-ed: Of course, writing a good op-ed is not simple, but the ingredients are straightforward, and there are many resources to help. The OpEd Project has a step-by-step guide. MasterClass has a useful tutorial as well. Finally, here is another guide from Duke University.
  4. Where to send your op-ed: It doesn’t need to end up in the New York Times to make a difference. The OpEd Project has a handy list of outlets. If you already have media contacts, send it to them. If you’re an academic, your university may have a press team that can help. You can also send your op-ed to us. At our end, we will help place the op-ed or, at the very least publish it on Medium and then promote it. We will also ask people on this mailing list to promote it.

So, get to it. Write an op-ed. For Ukraine.

P.S. Thank you to Unnati Narang for putting this call to action together.

P.P.S. A list of past calls to actions to help Ukraine is available here.

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