Today’s agenda item is helping raise funds for the Ukrainian army. A family friend of mine made a powerful poster with a QR code leading to the donation website for the Ukrainian army. It’s available in English and in Spanish, and he is working on translating it to other languages. Just click on the one more appropriate for your area and save (it may look a bit fuzzy when you click but it’ll look good after it’s saved!). Because it has a QR code, this poster is meant to be distributed physically rather than digitally. Physical distribution helps reach people who are not active on social networks and is thus an important complement to digital activism!

Here are three options for helping distribute this poster, easiest one listed first:

  1. Print out several copies of this poster on a color printer; Then post a copy wherever you can: university bulletin board; coffee shops; community center. There are many bulletin boards that allow community postings, look for one in your city! You can also ask a friend to join you and do it together to make going from place to place more fun. But even one poster in one place can make a difference!
  2. Go to a professional printer (e.g., Kinko’s) and print out copies of the poster on heavier paper and a specialty printer. The posters will be more noticeable and make more of an impact that way. Then distribute as suggested above.
  3. Find places where paid ads can be placed and pay to place this ad. Here’s an example from Spain. If you identify a promising location and need help paying for placement, please contact me.

You can also share this poster with as many friends/acquaintances/colleagues as you want and encourage them to do the same. Or even give them a few copies to make posting easier!

And if you’re too busy right now, you can simply make a donation to the Ukrainian army here.

Keep up the good work!


PS If you’d like to help writing up some of these calls to action, please let me know (just reply to this email). I’d like to have them flowing steadily, and I know I could use some help for that.

PPS More places you can donate to (vetted to the best of my ability) can be found here. Highlighted organization: Chabad in Berlin, which has taken in over 400 orphans from Ukraine.

PPPS I will archive copies of all helping opportunities on my home page.

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