Today’s call to action is to think globally but act locally! 

Acting locally starts simple. Talk about Ukraine to your workmates, dentist, GP, community members, church, club, pub fellows, department head, your friends and family, etc. Ask them if they know of any local initiatives to help Ukraine. Share with them the initiatives that you are aware of.

Sometimes people do want to help, but they either do not know how or need a little encouragement. From these chats, you may even find a partner who will help to organise more actions with you!

For example, you and your new “Help-to-Ukraine chat partner” can organise a fundraiser with a local organisation. Let’s say, if you spoke to your health club mate about ways of helping Ukraine, you could organize a small fundraiser in this club (from something simple like putting up donation posters to a walk/run to raise funds for Ukraine).

Of course, to spread the word, we need to know a bit more of what’s happening locally to help Ukraine & either join those efforts or start your own:

  1. Here is a list of pro-Ukraine protests, where you can find a march close to your location.
  2. Here you can register a march yourself, find more ways to help Ukraine and share the website StandwithUkraine on Twitter so that more people can become aware of various ways to help Ukraine.
  3. Here you can find a Media Kit, with pics and other resources ready to share on social media!
  4. You can also google and find other websites with initiatives and ideas to help Ukraine. Below are some for you:
  5. Global Citizen and Timeout contains a lot of ideas to help Ukraine. Take a look to get inspired yourself to do more that you are already doing and it is much appreciated by the Ukrainian people in need 🙂 Apart from simple actions, those two websites above bring a list of charities that you can donate to help Ukrainian people!

You can also google and find other websites with initiatives and ideas to help Ukraine. Please remember to share any information on ways of helping the Ukrainians with others to maximize impact.

Let’s keep spreading the word to make more people aware and willing to help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters!

Thank you all for all your effort!

Ukraine will win!

(Thanks to Juliana Carneiro for helping put this call to action together!)

PS More places to donate: Refugees At HomeRoom For RefugeesShelter 4 Ukraine and Reset.

PPS Links to past calls to actions can be found here.

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