Today’s call to action is to help Ukrainian job seekers get employed!

Over 4.2 million people have now fled Ukraine. EU members are implementing the Temporary Protection Directive, which provides a residence permit and access to the labour market in the EU member States, making it easier for Ukrainians refugees to find a job and for employers to hire!

But as many of us know, navigating the labour market isn’t easy, especially in a foreign country. Ukrainian refugees may not know where to look. Employers interested in hiring refugees may not either. There are also many newly unemployed Ukrainians in Ukraine who may be interested in remote work.

Below is a collection of resources that you can share or use yourself. You can also suggest that your company/university advertise on one or more of the platforms below.

If you find yourself thinking, “But I don’t know any Ukrainian refugees,” take a few steps to change that. Find out what organization(s) in your community are helping refugees from Ukraine and reach out to them. Look around for Facebook groups helping Ukrainian refugees and join them.

Some of these websites also list Ukrainians currently available for hire (example). And, of course, there’s always the general remote marketplace (you can see the country of the person applying and/or target your job posting toward people from a particular country)

For refugees looking for jobs
1. People over politics
2. Imagine Ukraine
3. Job Aid Ukraine
4. Remote Marketplace
5. Remote Ukraine
6. UA Talents
7. Vanhack (for developers)
8. Talent Beyond Boundaries
9. Portugal for Ukraine (Portugal only)

For employees looking to hire refugees
1. Imagine Ukraine
2. Job Aid Ukraine
3. Remote Marketplace
4. Remote Ukraine
5. Vanhack (for developers)
6. Refugee Talent
7. Friendly Nation Initiative (Australia only)
8. Humans like us (Australia only)

Even if you do not know refugees or have a job to offer, please (a) save the info in this email for later, just in case; (b) check out a few of these links so you’re aware of the options; and (c) choose a few links above and share them with your network (on Twitter, FB, Instagram, by email, etc).

Upwork is also allowing people to send money to Ukrainian freelancers without requiring any work. Just click on any project listed here and check the “Turn my project into a donation…” box.

Thanks to Juliana Carriera for helping put this call to action together!

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