Tatyana Deryugina

Welcome to my humble internet abode.

I am currently in my fourth year as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I received my PhD in Economics from MIT in February 2012. I am also a proud alumna of UC Berkeley. In 2006, I received a BA in Applied Mathematics and a BS in Environmental Economics and Policy from Cal. My research interests are in the fields of Environmental Economics, Public Finance, and Behavioral Economics.

For a list of my published and working papers, please go to the "research" tab or click here to download a PDF of my full CV (updated December 2014).

I teach domestic and international environmental policy. In these courses, we examine key environmental problems such as air and water pollution, toxins, climate change, natural disasters, biodiversity and habitat loss. The focus of the class is the design and critique of policies that address these issues and to examine the effects of such policies on businesses. Examples of the types of policies we cover include: voluntary disclosure/certification, liability law, taxation, command-and-control, and permit markets. We also discuss the role of corporate social responsibility and international agreements in addressing environmental issues, as well as how the form of market competition affects the impact of environmental policies.

I also teach financial economics for Masters students in Financial Engineering.