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Oil and water spills

Posted 30 Apr 10 by Tatyana

I’ve never been in a situation where supplies might become scarce…until today. The governor has declared a state of emergency because of a broken pipe that has caused much of the water in and around Boston to be undrinkable.

We went to CVS to stock up on drinking water, wondering how many other people would have the same idea (a lot). Now the fun math problem is, how much do you buy? The water is leaking at a rate of 8 million gallons per hour, affecting drinking water in 700,000 households. That’s about the only number available. How long will this last? Are the shipments of bottled water enough to keep up with demand?

I definitely experienced what I always thought was crazy – wanting to buy as much was as I could carry. I resisted it, but still bought more water than I would have thought rational.

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