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Above The Law

Posted 02 Feb 10 by Tatyana

I thought snobbism in America was nearly dead (at least in public) until I saw this profile on Above The Law. I was shocked at the level of conceit when I read the blog comments of this "partner emeritus” (according to him, he’s a "legend in the legal profession”). I’m still not 100% convinced that this is a real person and not someone who made up a character for the fun of it, but his comments are entertaining to read.

Here are fun exerts:

"If you obtained an LLM degree from a peer law school, yet earned a JD from a non-peer institution, you are still a non-peer. It really irked me to meet some attorneys who thought they were in the same league as I was in because they earned an LLM from a top program.”

I’m not even sure what a "peer” law school is, but I would bet this guy went to Harvard.

"Marriage today is nothing but a contract which includes a pernicious penalty clause that will, in most cases, castigate the male for having fallen in love.”

"Try composing sentences after imbibing half a bottle of scotch before noon.”

"Practitioner’s tip for U. of Wisconsin Law grads: I have been to your state twice in my life. I would rather be marooned without food in Tierra del Fuego than set foot in your state again. No honorarium fee, 5 or 6 figures, would convince me to speak to your kind. Save your money for your life has seen the end game…yesterday.”

I really hope this guy is real!

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