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A great apology

Posted 04 Jun 10 by Tatyana

I was listening to "Believe” by Skillet, which I thought was a pretty awesome song until I started paying attention to the lyrics. Turns out the content is quite amusing.

It starts out like this:

"I’m still trying to figure out how
  to tell you I was wrong
  I can’t fill the emptiness inside
  since you’ve been gone”

Pretty good beginning. The singer made a mistake. Now he feels empty inside and wants to tell her he was wrong.

Next few lines:
  "So is it you or is it me?
  I know I said things that I didn’t mean
  But you should’ve known me by now
  You should’ve known me”

Translation: "is there any way I can blame it on you though? Maybe I don’t have to apologize after all. Maybe it’s all your fault.”


"If you believed
  When I said
  I’d be better off without you
  Then you never really knew me at all
  If you believed
  When I said
  That I wouldn’t be thinking about you
  You thought you knew the
  truth but you’re wrong”

Translation: it’s all your fault.

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