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Posted 28 Apr 09 by Tatyana

Inspiring thoughts, inspiring moments -

Then all is lost under a train of random worries

The bigger questions put off by another chore

But once again I find the time to write some more.

I write about the love that doesn’t come;

About the wild dreams that roam my mind;

About the sadness, the occasional unwelcome guest;

About my daily trials, my constant quest

To find serenity amidst the hurricane of fears;

About the times I laugh, the times I burst in tears,

The instances I fall in love and out of love,

The scenery around me and the stars above;

My jealousy, my hopes – how to describe a life?

How to present myself and my eternal strife?

To some a student, daughter, friend…

Perhaps somewhere around the bend,

I’ll have a student and a daughter of my own

Who’ll both know more than I have ever known.

But passage to the future is forbidden yet.

I’m living in today with no regret

Of what has passed, no prescience of tomorrow,

And whether faced with joy or sorrow,

I try to take what comes, for all shall pass.

I do not try to look for greener grass.

Though sometimes its bright hue will catch my eye,

A thought will cross my mind, "Why don’t I try?”

And I will walk across a well-worn path

To ascertain the sameness of the grass

Then make fun of this silliness of mine,

Rest in the sunshine and compose a rhyme.

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