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Posted 20 Dec 09 by Tatyana
 I watched "Avatar” yesterday. It was the first time I watched a movie in 3D (unless you count IMAX shark movies at the Aquarium). The 3D motion picture phenomenon is relatively recent. Most of the movies have been animated films, but I can definitely see how other genres, like action, can benefit from 3D as well. I wonder if this is going to make movie theaters more popular; it’s much harder to find a close substitute for watching a 3D movie in theaters and I’m much more willing to pay extra for this.
But musings on the future of the movie industry aside, Avatar was (unsurprisingly?) good. In the beginning, I didn’t think the plot was great. The parallels between the storyline and real world events were not subtle enough. Halfway through the movie I gave up on trying to get into the story and started focusing on the imagery. However, at the end the movie did make me feel somewhat emotional (mostly sad), so overall I give the plot a B+.
The animation was stunning, as were the number of people listed in the credits afterwards. The imagination that the makers put into creating this world was evident in every plant and animal of Pandora (the planet on which the action takes place). I’m not sure what my non-3D experience would have been like, but I can confidently say that this is a movie worth watching in theaters unless you have a huge HD panel at home.  

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