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Information overload

Posted 05 Sep 10 by Tatyana

I’m sure that there was a time when information was scarce, costly, and slow to make its way around the world. It seems that we have the opposite problem now (there’s also the issue of accuracy, which was probably an acute problem back then, and is a much smaller problem today, on average).
  There’s an abundance of communication tools: e-mail, chat, online collaboration ports, various social websites, etc. Within each category, there are tons of options, some more popular than others. As long as you’re not trying to do anything out of the ordinary, you can probably bet on the popular websites. But once your needs become different from the rest of the population (say you want to share files for online collaboration), it’s difficult to choose. Luckily, there are websites that review software and tell you which one(s) are best. Unluckily, there are many such websites and they don’t always agree.

Consider the issue of finding software that automates backing up files (something I was looking for). On the plus side, there are a lot of options. But if you search for websites that review your options, you’ll also find many of those.

Conclusion: we need websites that look up ratings on other websites and create a weighted average for each product.

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