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Emissions reductions and politics

Posted 03 Oct 10 by Tatyana
 I don’t understand the principle under which the developing world is insisting that it should "get” to pollute the atmosphere w/carbon dioxide (or anything else for that matter) because the now-developed world got to do it earlier on and is responsible for the mess we’re in. Grandfathering doesn’t work, but neither does reckless "we’ll do what we want because you got us into this mess” attitude. That’s like saying that developing countries should be allowed to ignore human rights because they were previously ignored by the developed ones. There are many other fair allocations (e.g. ones that equate the marginal value of emissions or emissions per capita) under which the developing world would not have to curb their emissions (at least as much). To be fair, the developed world isn’t acting so great either in insisting on absolute reductions. I guess someone wants to wait and see what happens when the climate change hits the fan.  

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