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An example of an incentive

Posted 25 Dec 10 by Tatyana
 The Bay Bridge has implemented a new toll system – $6 if you cross the bridge between 7 and 10am or between 3 and 7pm  (prime time for commuters to and from work), $4 at all other times. My boyfriend and I happened to be driving into the city right before 10am. As we steadily approached the crossing, a large digital clock on top of the toll booth announced that the time was 9:59. I slowed down as much as I could and looked for the longest line of cars. I saw that more forward-looking people had gotten into the very right lane and then pulled over. A few dozen cars were standing on the shoulder presumably waiting for the time change. Unfortunately, I was too far from the shoulder to do that and so I continued slowly and hoped for the best. 20 seconds before we reached the toll booth, the clock changed to 10 and the price dropped to $4. The cars that were pulled over joined the line. Incentives work, right? Then again, more than a few dozen cars were going through the booths at 9:59 and paying $6.  

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