Does X cause Y? (part two of many)

I was going to write more about quasi-experimental methods, but then I realized why these are usually discussed last in econometrics/empirical methods books. In order

Does X cause Y? (part one of many)

You just read a fascinating article suggesting that drinking a glass of red wine is equivalent to spending an hour at the gym, that morning

Review of “We Have No Idea”

I loved PhD Comicsas a grad student. Frankly, I still find them quite relatable as an Assistant Professor (and in a few years, I can

On being wrong and not knowing stuff.

“Often wrong, always certain”, goes a saying I once heard about economists. Frankly, I hate admitting when I’m wrong or when I don’t know something

Do charter schools work?

Many charter schools appear to work quite well. Here are two quotes from two articles summarizing the research: “sound research has shown that, when properly