Academic Sequituris finally here! For those of you thinking “What the wha is that?”, Academic Sequitur is a website I’ve been working on for about two years. It makes staying up to date on current research much more easier and more systematic. We track 90+ economics/finance journals and working paper series. Youcreate a “research portfolio”, telling us which journals, authors, and/or keywords you want to follow. I know that academics are super busy, so we made that step as easy as possible. We then deliver information on any new papers we find directly to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. We provide a link to article on the publisher’s website when it is available, where you can view the full text if you have access (we don’t provide access ourselves).

Another huge benefit of Academic Sequitur is that you find out about papers much earlier than if you were to subscribe to journals’ tables of content. AER, JPE, Econometrica, the AEJ’s, and other journals often post accepted/forthcoming papers months before they are officially “published”. You can also browse your research portfolio updates on our website, save articles to favorites, and discover more things to follow by browsing site-wide updates. We also track the AEA RCT Registry, which means you can also learn about papers that aren’t even written yet! And just for fun, we made a network graph for each author, so you can see who’s coauthoring with whom.

Academic Sequitur isn’t free because there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We charge $1.99/month after a 3-month trial period (no payment info required to sign up, so I guess that’s kind of a free lunch), but your time is valuable and your daily cup of coffee probably costs more than that anyway. And this way we don’t have to sell your information to advertisers to recoup development costs!

So go ahead and try Academic Sequiturfor free! Let me know what you think.