Tatyana Deryugina (Twitter: @TDeryugina)

Working Papers

The Distributional Effects of Building Energy Codes (with Chris Bruegge and Erica Myers, NBER Working Paper 24211). Under review.

The Marginal Product of Climate (with Solomon Hsiang, NBER Working Paper 24072).

The Effect of Pollution on Health and Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Changes in Wind Direction (with Garth Heutel, Nolan Miller, David Molitor, and Julian Reif, NBER Working Paper 22796).

The Long-Run Dynamics of Electricity Demand: Evidence from Municipal Aggregation (with Alex MacKay and Julian Reif, NBER Working Paper 23483). Under review.


Accepted and published articles

The Economic Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Its Victims: Evidence from Individual Tax Returns (with Laura Kawano and Steven Levitt). Forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. Online Appendix.

Does the Samaritan's Dilemma Matter? Evidence from Crop Insurance (with Barrett Kirwan). 2018. Economic Inquiry, 56(2).

Impacts of crop insurance on water withdrawals for irrigation (with Megan Konar). 2017. Advances in Water Resources, 110. (top-ranked journal in water resources).

The Fiscal Cost of Hurricanes: Disaster Aid Versus Social Insurance. 2017. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 9(3).

The effect of information provision on public consensus about climate change (with Olga Shurchkov). 2016. PLOS ONE.

Now you see it, now you don't: the vanishing beauty premium (with Olga Shurchkov). 2015. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 116:331-345.  Online Appendix. Published version.

Does Beauty Matter in Undergraduate Education?  (with Olga Shurchkov). 2015.  Economic Inquiry, 53(2): 940-961. Online AppendixPublished version.

How do people update? The effects of local weather fluctuations on beliefs about global warming. 2013. Climatic Change, 118(2): 397-416. Online Appendix. Published version.


Non peer-reviewed publications

Preparing for Climate Change in Illinois: An Overview of Anticipated Impacts (with Kathy Baylis, Don Fullerton, Megan Konar, and Julian Reif)


Work in progress

Long-Run Health Dynamics in the Wake of Disaster: Evidence from Hurricane Katrina (with David Molitor, preliminary draft available upon request)

The Wind's Fatal Blow: the Effect of Transported Air Pollution on Infant and Adult Mortality (with Julian Reif, Nicole Riemer, and Matthew West, preliminary draft available upon request)

The Effect of Firm Financials on Environmental Accidents (with Jonathan Cohn)

Do Causes Crowd Each Other Out? Evidence From Tornado Strikes (with Benjamin Marx)

How Easy is it to Adapt? Evidence from Peru (with Jonathan Colmer)