About Me


I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and moved to the Bay Area when I was 12 (ask me how many people I know who are doing startups!). I majored in Environmental Economics and Policy and Applied Math at UC Berkeley. From there, I went to MIT, getting a PhD in Economics in 2012.

My research focuses on the effect of the environment on economic outcomes and on health. Some of my work includes evaluating the impacts of Hurricane Katrina on the long-run labor market outcomes and survival of residents of New Orleans (surprisingly, the hurricane helped on both dimensions!); estimating the social costs of acute air pollution exposure, both in terms of medical spending and life years lost; and assessing the effect of temperature in the U.S. economy. I have also investigated how farmers adjust their crop insurance choices in anticipation of disaster assistance; how scientific opinions affect laypersons’ beliefs about climate change; and how building energy codes and electricity prices affect energy consumption.

In my spare time, I work on Academic Sequitur (AcademicSequitur.com), a tool to help researchers stay up to date on recent research. You tell us who and what you want to follow and we notify you about new papers matching your interests. I think it’s pretty amazing. I am also raising two wonderful little humans.

To contact me, email “my last name, but without the `a’ at the end”@illinois.edu. You can also email “my first name”@”my last name”.com